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Image by Donald Lee Pardue.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.
Can I pay my tuition fees by installments?
In most cases, yes. How many installments does depend on the individual institution concerned. A few institutions also offer discounts to sponsors who pay the whole of the first year tuition fees in advance of enrollment at their institution. Please ask your student counselor if this is important to you or your sponsor.
Can I defer my entry to a subsequent intake?
This is usually possible, but you should state your intention to do so in writing as soon as possible. This is irrespective of whether or not entry is being deferred with the same institution. Please note that a further application processing fee will be payable in these circumstances.
Can I change courses when I arrive in the UK?
It may be possible to change courses within the university or college in which you are studying but it will not normally be possible to change institutions except in exceptional circumstances. In that event KFC reserves the right to make an administrative charge for our service.
 When do I need to apply?
Apply as soon as possible but only after you and your sponsor are sure you definitely wish to and are able to come to study in the UK.
 Why do I need to pay an Application Processing Fee?
KFC has overheads to cover in both your local country and in the UK. The Application Processing Fee helps to pay for the overheads of running your local office, as well as covering the costs of extensive communication and courier bills. Students will also be asked to pay a Visa Processing Fee (VPF). This will be asked of them prior to their visa guidance being offered. Students should check for these costs in their individual country.
Why do I have to pay a deposit payment in advance of obtaining the offer documents?
This helps our clients and the British High Commission when considering your intentions for applying to come to the UK. Such a sum of money is a sign of your commitment that you do intend to pursue a course of study at a UK education institution. All deposit payments are deducted from your tuition fees upon arrival and enrollment at the UK institution.
Who do I make my deposit draft payable to?
You can make it payable to the institution concerned.
What types of subjects can I apply for through KFC?
How easy is it to get a student visa to study in the UK?
If you are a genuine student who has the financial sponsorship to do a course of study in the UK which is relevant to your personal career development, it can be quite straightforward to get a UK study visa. Help and guidance is given by KFC to all candidates applying to a UK education institution via its services.
What does it cost to study in the UK?
This depends on what course you are studying, at what level and at what institution. It can also depend on where you live in the UK as some places are more expensive than others. If you have family or friends you can stay with in the UK, this can help to save money. KFC has opportunities from A levels and degree foundation programmes to Bachelor degrees and postgraduate courses in many places all over the UK. Course fees will be discussed with you on an individual basis on application. If you are planning to stay in the UK on your own, please budget for accommodation and living expenses to be 7,500 per year.